Draft Strategic Commissioning Framework – Consultation image

Draft Strategic Commissioning Framework – Consultation

The IJB has developed a draft of their replacement strategic plan. This plan has been called the ‘Strategic Commissioning Framework’. The draft plan has been informed by the views of partners in the Health and Social Care Partnership, members of the health and social care workforce, people who use health and social care services and supports, unpaid carers and members of the public. You can read the draft plan here. A shorter document providing some key information about the draft plan has also been created, you can read it here.

You can also read the draft Integrated Impact Assessment for the plan here – this is the document that describes how the plan might impact on people who have Equality Act Protected Characteristics or are affected by poverty and poor social circumstances.

To help the IJB finalise and agree the plan we are seeking further views about the content of the plan and the way it has been written. Everyone can give their views but the IJB are particularly interested in views from people in Dundee who use health and social care services and supports, unpaid carers, members of the public and people who work in health and social care services.  You can share your views up until 31 May 2023 by completing this feedback form: https://forms.office.com/e/ZeLxJhKxWz

If you cannot use this method we can arrange for a telephone discussion, or a face to face meeting for you to share your view about the plan. If you want to speak to someone about how to share your views in a different way phone Joyce Barclay on 01382 433947 or email joyce.barclay@dundeecity.gov.uk

 You can read more about strategic planning for health and social care here