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First Contact Team

The First Contact Team provides a first point of contact for anyone living in the community, aged 16  and over, and who does not have either a District Nurse or an Active Social Work worker.

First Contact provides a quick referral, quick assessment and where possible- a quick service.

Customers are benefiting from this faster service which is improving referrals and assessment times for  people in the city.

First Contact provides a service for customers, their relatives and carers, and, with other professionals.

Service Information

The Social Work First Contact Team improves referral and assessment timescales for services for people in Dundee. Our partnership with a range of services is improving customer outcomes.

We work with colleagues from:

  • Community Health
  • Social Work/Care Management
  • Housing e.g. housing decants
  • Home Care
  • Crisis Team
  • Emergency Respite
  • Occupational Therapy Aids / Adaptations
  • Meals Service and Community Alarm Service

First Contact will also assess cases that are only active to The Meals Service, Occupational Therapists, Community Alarm or District Nurses, if their involvement is only a one off visit.

First Contact also gives priority to the needs of over 65's by:

  • assessing for services such as Meals, Community Alarm, Nursing equipment
  • directly referring customers to day care services
  • bringing health and social work together by working together in Partnership to provide appropriate service provision

Contact Details

First Contact Team
Dundee & Angus Independent Living Centre, Charles Bowman Avenue, Dundee, DD4 9UB


Tel: 01382 434019

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm (please see the Out of Hours page for details of our emergency social work provision)