Progress on Equality and new Equality Outcomes set for Dundee Integration Joint Board image

Progress on Equality and new Equality Outcomes set for Dundee Integration Joint Board

On 19th April 2023 Dundee Integration Joint Board approved 4 Equality Outcomes that they intend to make progress toward in the next 4 years.

The Equality Mainstreaming Report 2023 has examples of some of some of the developments achieved over the last two years including

• Expanded access to learning opportunities for equality and fairness matters available to the workforce within the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership. This has included the establishment of a Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership Equality and Human Rights Workforce Learning Network.

• Focused improvement activity to ensure that the IJB is undertaking Integrated Impact

• Continued efforts to engage with protected groups as part of the IJB’s strategic planning activities.

• Commissioning of specific service improvements that have had a positive impact on people who have protected characteristics.  

The IJB Equality Outcomes 2023-2027 are

1. Information published by the IJB will be more accessible to people who have a sensory impairment or learning disability, people whose first language is not English (including BSL users) and those people who are older.

2. The IJB has increased the range and effectiveness of way to listen, hear and learn what matters to older people, people from minority ethnic groups and the LGBTQ community about health and social care services and supports.

3. IJB membership will be more diverse and more closely reflect the overall population of Dundee across the following protected characteristics: sex, disability, race and age.

4. The IJB contribute to an improved culture within the workforce to actively challenge discrimination, through a focus on eliminating race discrimination in the workplace.

There will be a report available in 2 years’ time to report progress on Equality and Fairness. The IJB recognise and support agencies and organisations across the Health and Social Care Partnership in Equality and Fairness matters. Over the next 2 years colleagues across all agencies in DHSCP who would like to highlight work that might be included in the next Progress report in 2025 should email

More information about Equality and Fairness Matters in Dundee IJB and Dundee Health and Social Care partnership can be found at our Equality Matters page.