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Tackling pensioner poverty in Dundee City


It is thought that a significant number of older people in Dundee are missing out on a range of financial benefits. Age Concern estimate that 2,933 older people in Dundee City have not claimed the Pension Credit they are entitled to. The Age Scotland Campaign Pack ‘Check In- Cash Out’ gives more information and advises how agencies and individuals can to raise awareness of the social security available to older people and to support them to claim what they are entitled to.

Age Scotland are encouraging older people to check in with their free and confidential helpline to find out what they may be entitled to; use their free information guides; and attend benefits awareness sessions. It’s always worth individuals checking their entitlement to Social Security, especially if their circumstances have changed recently, or if it has been a while since this was last checked

People over the age of 50 can find out what they are entitled to and get support to claim it by calling the free helpline

0800 12 44 222 Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm.

To check for social security entitlement, callers will need to share information about themselves (and their partner) including their income, which social security payments they currently receive; how much rent or mortgage and council tax they are paying; any savings they have; if they live alone or with other people; whether they have any health conditions or a disability