Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024 image

Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024

Dundee Health and Social Care Partnerships vision is that the people of Dundee will have positive wellbeing and a good quality of life to help prevent mental health problems occurring, and that those with mental ill health will get the respect, support, treatment and care they require to recover without fear of discrimination or stigma.

Mental health and wellbeing is a priority locally, nationally and globally.  We know that mental health inequalities are a more significant challenge in Dundee in comparison to most other areas of Scotland.

Dundee Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategic and Commissioning Group (MHWSCG) has produced this Plan to support the improvement of mental health and the reduction of mental health inequalities, predominantly for adults, over the next 5 years in the city.

You can read the full Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024 here and the Commissioning Framework here.