Dundee IJB Mainstreaming Equality Progress Report image

Dundee IJB Mainstreaming Equality Progress Report

Dundee Integration Joint Board published its Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming

Framework in April 2019. This Framework was developed with an aspiration of

further progressing mainstreaming equality matters throughout all our activities and

accompanied the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic and

Commissioning Plan 2019- 2022. In particular, the Fairness agenda is closely linked

with the key priority of reducing and eliminating health inequalities through a

preventative approach, focussed on improving outcomes for our citizens, their carers

and the workforce. Equality matters are embedded across the Health and Social

Care Partnership (the Partnership) and the IJB takes fairness and the equality

protected characteristics into account with all our planning and activity.


The Equality Act places a duty on Public Bodies to publish a set of equality outcomes

every four years and a report describing how well they are achieving these outcomes

at least every two years. Public Bodies must also report on the progress they have

made to make the equality duty integral to the exercise of their functions. This report

is the two-year Equality Progress Report which gives information about how Dundee

Integration Joint Board (IJB) are mainstreaming the equality duty and achieving the

equality outcomes that were set in 2019. The report provides an overview of some of

the positive progress that has been made over the last two years, as well as

identifying priorities for further progress and improvement in 2021/22.


You can find the report here