Welcome to the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Commissioning Plan 2019-2022. 

This Plan sets out an ambitious change programme, building on the achievements made since our first plan was developed in 2016.  This Plan describes our broad strategic priorities for the next three years.  It is not a detailed description of all past and future activity, rather it is a Plan that outlines our intentions, focus and direction.  The Plan describes what we will prioritise and what successful delivery will mean for people accessing our services, their carers and our communities.

The Dundee Integration Joint Board Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Framework 2019-2022 was prepared to complement the Strategic Commissioning Plan 2019-2022. 
The Framework describes our commitment to Equality and Fairness for the next three years and beyond. Through our five Equality Outcomes we aim reduce the impact of protected characteristics as well as poverty and poor social circumstances for people who need to access our services, their carers, our workforce and our communities. 

We hope that you can identify from the Plan and Equality Outcomes how our priorities have been shaped by our continued conversations with you, the citizens of Dundee, and our partners in Dundee City Council, NHS Tayside, the third and independent sectors and others

You can find the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Commissioning Plan 2019-2022 here

You can find the Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Framework here

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at dundeehscp@dundeecity.gov.uk