Dundee Alcohol and Drug Partnership Strategic Plan – Community, Lived Experience and Workforce Engagement image

Dundee Alcohol and Drug Partnership Strategic Plan – Community, Lived Experience and Workforce Engagement

What is the Dundee Alcohol and Drug Partnership?
The Dundee Alcohol & Drug Partnership (ADP) brings together partners from a range of local organisations including NHS Tayside, Dundee City Council, Police Scotland and voluntary sector services. The ADP also has representation from two local Councillors and a representative from the Lifeline Carers’ Group.

The ADP is responsible for developing a local strategy for reducing the harms from alcohol and drug use and supporting wellbeing and recovery of people who experience longer-term challenges from drug and alcohol use. A strategy is an overall plan of action which sets out what we will do to achieve this.

What are we looking to do?
The ADP is now developing a new strategic plan which will cover a 5-year period. This will consider the recommendations from the update report from Dundee Drug Commission, national policy (this is what the Scottish Government asks all ADPs across Scotland to include in their plans) and importantly the views of local communities and people with lived experience in Dundee.

The ADP will use the plan to decide where funding will be spent and to regularly check that progress is being made. We will also make it available to the public so that anyone who wishes to do so can share their thoughts and ideas about what we are doing. 

During July and August we will be asking as many people as we can, including local communities, those with lived experience of drug and alcohol use challenges and the workforce, to help decide what is included in the strategic plan.

Once we have gathered all feedback, we will produce a draft strategic plan which we will send out as widely as possible so that people have a chance to look and provide further feedback before the final version is published. 


If you would like to tells us your views please complete the survey at: https://forms.office.com/r/RbHGQg8tGe  before 31 August 2022. You can also use the QR code to access the survey from your phone or other device:

Your input is truly appreciated, and we will use all of the responses we receive to develop a consultation report that will describe how your voice influenced the strategy development.