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A Caring Dundee

A Caring Dundee was launched on 24th November Carers Rights Day by Ken Lynn the Chair of Dundee’s Integration Joint Board.
This three year plan recognises the significant and vital contribution that Carers in Dundee make in supporting people they care for. Throughout the life of the plan Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership aim  to focus on identifying, listening to, supporting and empowering unpaid Carers, of all ages, in Dundee.
Dundee Carers Strategic Planning Partnership has produced this Strategic Plan (the Plan) which has been endorsed by the Integrated Joint Board.  This Plan builds upon the previous Dundee Carers Strategy and is for all Carers in Dundee, including young, adult and parent carers.
The plan was developed through listening to the views and experiences of Carers. This is so that our future direction reflects Carers' priorities and provides all Carers with an opportunity to shape and influence how they are supported.
The Plan sets out the approach and actions by which the Partnership will deliver on our vision and outcomes for Carers living in Dundee and Carers caring for people in Dundee. It describes how we will implement the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 and helps prepare for the requirements set out for local carers strategies which are contained within the statutory guidance which will accompany this Act.
Dundee Carers Charter was produced by local carers and carers organisations in consultation with local agencies and establishments. On the 24th a variety of agencies signed up to the Charter, including David Lynch signing on behalf of DHSCP.
Any public sector, private business or voluntary body wishing to sign up should contact joyce.barclay@dundeecity.gov.uk asking for more details.  Additional posters for display on your premises are also available.